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 » Rules

We reserve the right to remove sites where no code was added to our PageRank site.

Is obligatory enter the code in the page you entered. Is optional enter code into other pages on the same site.

Use real email for account signup. Any account with untrue, full or disused will be deleted.

Ccount of clicks has been made only by IP in 24 hours to prevent cheating.

The positions of the Top 500 and Top 30 PR, are sorted according to unique visits of the sites during the current day.

Count of views from the normal code was limited to 1000 unique visits daily.
Who has a site with over 1,000 unique visits a day, can take the new Javascript code, which counts unique visits unlimited.

Dont' modify the code provided or your account will be deleted.

PageRank™ e Google™ are registered marks of Google Inc., Mountain View CA, USA.
That PageRank procedures is subject to that US Patent 6,285,999