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Have a site and want to know the Google PageRank of your URL?
You can do it simply and insert HTML code on your site. Each unique visitor to your site will be counted and you will get a better position in the ranking. Will count the user clicks on the link to your site. To appear in the rankings your site must receive at least. A unique visitor per day and in the ranking based on click is required at least one click per day.
With the passage of time and the presence of your site in our charts can also increase the PageRank of your site.

What is Google PageRank?
It 'a numerical indicator of the popularity of a site on search engine best known and used in the world, namely Google. Goes from 0 to 10 and the higher the numerical value, the more popular your site to internal Google.

What is the value of PageRank or good enough?
Typically the PageRank 3 is considered the minimum indispensable and PageRank 4 is a good value and it means that your site has a good popularity.
From PageRank 5 and up values start to get good and also the PageRank 5 is already considered as a good result for your site.

How do to increase the PageRank of my site?
You can start subscribing to this site which is specifically intended to increase their PageRank and that of members through the presence of links in several classifications.

What are the backlinks?
Are sites that contain a link to your site, link from a search engine. Standings in the main, and in your account, you can see the number of BackLinks to your site. Generally the higher the PageRank and the higher the number of backlinks, but not a rule that always holds. On detect the backlinks from Google, Yahoo! and MSN.


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